Privacy Policy

COVIDmobilize is committed to protecting your privacy on this website.

We collect personal information from our visitors on a voluntary basis only. Personal information may include name, address, phone number, email address and other relevant data. We do not require this personal information to obtain access to most of our site. However, we do require that you provide this information in order to use the Services we offer through the site and app.

The information we request is used by us in order to process a request for information by you or for offering our services to you and other Users. We may collect, track, or give the information you’ve provided to us, to other organizations in furtherance of the mission of COVIDmobilize.

If you provided us with personal information through this web site, you have the option to request that we not contact you in the future.

When does COVIDmobilize collect your personal or business information?

When the user registers for a profile or submits a request for information. 
When the user submits a request (listing).
When the user submits their business services (listing).

What information does COVIDmobilize collect from Users?
Individual contact and/or business name, email address, password, organization profile information such as name, location, type of business or services offered.
Listing type 1: Request for help information, (eg. category, subcategory, economical sector, time frame of request, etc)
Listing type 2: Business services information (eg. category, subcategory, skills and expertise, etc)

COVIDmobilize may also collect information about your use of our site, which may include:
The Internet domain and IP address from which you access our site;
The date and time you access our site;
The pages you visit; 
If you linked to this website from another website, the address of that website.
IP addresses, which are numbers automatically assigned to a computer when using the Internet;
The type of browser and operating system used to access the site;
The search terms used to get to the website, in addition to search terms used in the site’s search engine;
The dates and times users access the site;
The type of device used to access the site;
How often users visit the site;
The pages users visit within the site; and
The links made to other websites through this site.

How will COVIDmobilize use the information collected?
We will use your information to match requests and services by the data our Users input into the system.

Will COVIDmobilize use cookies and third-party cookies to collect data?
Yes.  You can configure your web browser to accept or decline cookies, or to alert you when cookies are in use. You do not have to accept cookies from us, but if you choose not to, some of the functions on our site may not be available to you.

Will COVIDmobilize use the information you’ve provided to send you or your organization text messages?