How it works


The problem

As Coronavirus continues to spread at an alarming rate, organizations far and wide are being overwhelmed by high volumes of patients, undersupplied facilities, and the inability to connect with the very people that are able to help them. Many businesses have been brought to a complete standstill and are unable to operate.

This is where we come in.

#COVIDMobilize Platform

This free platform is entirely built for helping nonprofit and government organizations build bridges with for-profit companies who can provide help.

A match-making platform to
solve Coronavirus problems.


The database simply connects the problems shared by the public agencies with individuals and companies who can offer the tools, talent, and resources to address those challenges. Within the directory profiles, you’ll be connected around the following variables:

  • Type of problem or request

  • Location of problem

  • Needed expertise

  • Economic Sector

  • Resources or Raw materials

  • Time frame

Features include:


    Our simple algorithm will begin to match potential problems and solutions


    Our volunteer project managers will work to find solutions for those in need.


    Find providers near you. If you’re unable to source a provider near you, look nationally.


    See if requesters have a budget or not, and determine what works for your business.


    You may message other users to negotiate pricing, determine time lines, and more.


    View “Haves” and Needs” across a filterable directory. View private or public listings.


    Build your profile so you are better able to be found by other organizations


    Find volunteers or use our integrated partner, Galaxy Digital, to find projects near you


Is there a fee?

No. This platform is currently free to use, whether you are a business or a nonprofit organization. Our team is seeking out fundraising opportunities to support the growth of this platform, but for the time being there is no cost of use.

Is my contact info made public?

No. Your email address will not be publically shared and will only be utilized when communication is made within our secure contact forms. You will be notified when connections are requested, but your email will not be made available through our system.

Am I committing to a service?

No. This platform is simply expediting the connection of parties. Once you have made contact with organizations or individuals who may present an opportunity to get involved, the conversation will be moved off this site into your own communication channels. We are not involved in how you move forward, and the decision is ultimately up to each party on whether or not to collaborate.

Can I post more than once?

Yes. This initiative is aimed at providing higher level support around complex issues which nonprofit organizations and government agencies are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. There may be more than one problem, so yes, organizations can post multiple times. However, this is not a space to share personal crises. We do welcome individual entrepreneurs, experts, and for-profit companies to present themselves as a resource to help solve the problems presented by the organizations.


How HealthCare, NonProfits, and Governments have expressed their needs.

  • Hospitals need Ventilators.

    Who can help: Manufacturers, Automakers

  • Nonprofits need Food.

    Who can help: Food Production Facilities, Farmers, Groceries etc

  • Hospitals need N95 Face Masks.

    Who can help: Textile and Clothing Manufacturers, 3D Printers

  • Hospitals need Face Shields.

    Who can help: 3D Printers, Plastic Manufacturers

  • Hospitals need gowns, coveralls, gloves.

    Who can help: Textile and Clothing Manufacturers

  • Nonprofits need Kitchens and Cooks to prepare food for the needy.

    Who can help: Restaurants

  • Distillers need plastic bottles.

    Who can help: Bottling Companies.

  • Nonprofits and Governments need technology triage support.

    Government websites are crashing and offices are closing. Electronic Medical systems are being overloaded with traffic and are failing.
    Who can help: Technology companies

  • Hospitals and Governments need Telehouse tech support and call center support.

    Who can help: Call centers

  • Governments and Hospitals need Logistical help.

    Who can help: Transportation and logistics
    companies, distributors

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